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                                    Model: 9903            Price: $380.00*                               Model: 9902            Price: $280.00*

                                    Open Length:    Appr. 9"                                                  Open Length:    Appr. 6-3/4" (Each)

                                    Handle Material:    Ziracote Wood                                    Handles:    Micarta (Top); Ziracote (Bottom)


Model: 9989            Price: $180.00*

Length:   Appr. 8-1/2"                         

Handle Material:   Maple Burl Wood    




Model: 9907            Price: $290.00*                                Model: 9907A            Price: $350.00*

                                             Open Length: Appr. 7-3/8" (each)                                         Open Length: Appr. 7-3/8"

                                             Handles: Maple (Top); Micarta (Bottom)                               Handle Material: Elk Horn



                                                                                Model: 0303               Price: $300.00*

                                                                                Open Length: Appr. 5"

                                                                                Handle Material: Jig Bone



                                    Model: 0302A              Price:$420.00*                            Model: 0302B              Price: $420.00*

                                    Open Length: Appr. 8-1/4"                                                 Open Length: Appr. 8-1/4"

                                    Handles: Black Micarta w/Pearl Inlay                                  Handle Material: Horn



                                                                                Model: 0302C             Price: $500.00*

                                                                                Open Length: Appr.8-1/4"

                                                                                Handle Material: Olive Wood             






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Rev. September 2004

For authenticity, you want st lucia's own bounty rum, which comes in white and light variants, but bounty does not distribute in the 3 cups light rum; 2 cups fresh pineapple juice; 1 cup banana juice; 1 cup fresh orange juice; 1 cup fresh lime juice; 1/2 cup grenadine syrup (recipe); ; piton beer and rum punch in st lucia

The best selling rum in st. lucia is bounty rum, a blended rum, bottled as clear and amber, available everywhere for slightly less than the imported rums sold on the island. this amber rum is representative of the eastern caribbean taste and is bottled at 40% alcohol by volume.

When in st. lucia, look for: e8 gold and silver; castries peanut rum cream; bounty rum and spirit of st lucia from st. bb rum: elixir of bois bandй from dominica; rhum vieux labbe from haiti; they're also known for the great rum punch and a fine selection of rum shacks. mor mobile β; august rum recipe contest;

Two caribbean cocktail recipes are from the anse chastanet resort in st. lucia. rum punch. ingredients. makes one drink 1 1/2 ounces bounty rum

Bounty | see product details; this fine golden rum is light and clean on the nose. bounty’s palate as been described as clean, soft and light with good feel and a hint of sultanas and honey. bounty is the rum enjoyed by most st lucians; st. lucia distillers overproof rum is a staunch favourite among rum drinkers in st.

St. lucia distillers limited was formed in 1972 when the two distilleries amalgamated producing a now discontinued blend of rum whose name reflected the merger, denros bounty rum.

Bounty rum served in a frozen pineapple ice glass. margarita shot. ec$15. tequila served in a frozen lemon . delirius is a proud member of the st lucia rum punch. ec$15. the classic st lucian drink! ours is made from scratch

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